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Author: Chris Feld

This amazing leg, hips, stomach shaping and calorie burning class blends techniques from dance with safe, low-impact moves and is specifically designed for the non-dancer. It’s like vertical Pilates. It will train the abdominals to act as a “corset” to tighten and flatten your belly, while strengthening the core. But unlike Pilates, the class is on your feet and moving and feels like a fitness class. Be prepared for a lot of leg work and sweat! With easy-to-follow, dynamic moves, BalletSculpt leaves you feeling like”[more]”

Would you share your toothbrush or your towel with a complete stranger? How about hundreds of strangers? There are plenty of reasons for owning your own Yoga mat hygiene being the biggest one.

Can’t decide whether to try Yoga or Pilates? Try “Yogalates” instead! While yoga and Pilates have some similarities, fundamentally, they are worlds apart. The key to determining which workout you want lies in understanding their core elements and differences. Although both practices are referred to body-mind practices, one is more so than the other. Yoga is a holistic practice with physical benefits. Pilates is a fitness practice with holistic benefits. As both a Yoga and Pilates teacher I get asked on”[more]”

Rhodiola Rosea is known as nature’s own anti-depressant. If you are looking for a something that will boost your energy, reduce stress, improve sexual function, improve concentration and help get become more focused, that is natural and has no side-effects – You just found it.

I offer both group Pilates and 1-on-1 sessions and cater for which I cater for all levels. Blending the best of classical and contemporary Pilates, my classes will help you build a stronger core and bring into better alignment that will carry into all aspects of your life and improve your performance in other activities. My beginners classes are designed to give you the best possible foundation to get you started on your journey of becoming a stronger, more mobile”[more]”

Beginners Power Vinyasa Flow Yoga course in Dublin city centre progresses from week to week starting at the very beginning.

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