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I am a Personal Trainer, Yoga  & Pilates Teacher, Functional Training Specialist, Vegan Athlete, Trekker and Climber. Check out my Calendar and join me for a class and follow my blog or signup for the updates on my classes, courses and health and fitness tips

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Stay tuned for upcoming online content and courses on various topics such as diet and nutrition, injury rehab, mobility training and more.

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I do mostly private and corporate classes but check out my timetable for classes open to all.


STRONGyoga is my own brand of dynamic style of yoga that emphasizes strength, flexibility, and endurance through energetic-paced, flowing sequences of postures. It builds muscle & improves fitness, similar to athletic and gymnastic training. Still, it includes mindfulness, breathing & relaxation for a holistic practise and is accessible to all ages and levels.


This amazing leg, hips, stomach shaping and calorie burning class blends techniques from dance with safe, low-impact moves and is specifically designed for the non-dancer. BalletSculpt leaves you feeling like a dancer strong through the core with sculpted flowing limbs, slim hips and a lifted derriere.


Pilates improves posture, core strength, balance, coordination, reduces stress and improves flexibility. Practicing Pilates promotes mindfulness, improves breathing and promotes mental clarity. It can be adapted for individuals with different fitness levels, making it a safe and accessible form of exercise for people of all ages.

Personal Training & Functional Training

Functional Training, Whole Body Vibration Training, Suspension Training, and Kettlebells are my areas of expertise. I offer Personal Training for everyday goals, rehabilitation, and sports-specific training.

Corporate Fitness

Do you want to improve your employees’ well-being? I provide corporate fitness classes that are tailored to the specific needs of your employees and company. Contact me today and let’s get started.

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