Chris Feld


Health Nut, Fitness Buff, Blogger and a Geek

About Me

I am a Dublin based Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher. I teach a wide range of skills such as functional training, advanced flexibility, power, speed and agility training, non contact boxing and much classes : Body Toning, Boot Camp, SandBag, Suspension Training, Core Fusion and Conditioning classes, Spinning, Step, Ballet Sculpt.  I am also a Yoga teacher and   health and fitness blogger.

I have had many paths and career in my life. But the one that stayed with me for the past 20+ years, is my work, love and undying passion for fitness and health. It gets me up early in the mornings and keeps me up late at night in the best possible sense. I have worked in the commercial, corporate and the private health and fitness sector and it has been a phenomenal journey of experience, sharing, learning, teaching and getting the opportunity to make a difference. After all that, plunging  into self employment and entrepreneurship was the only right thing to do.

I’ve been a dancer, a volunteer fire-fighter, a power-lifter, a Sports Aerobics competitor, a rock climber and when sensibility finally kicked in, I became a Yogi.  Running, jumping, swinging, climbing, hanging off trees and lifting heavy things. Those were pretty much my twenties. The more impossible, straining and demanding something was, the more eager I was to pull up those lycra sleeves and defy all odds. It was practically a calling. Stupidity, really.

Fitwall Training

Sweating it out on the FitWall!

In my mid thirties however I also became a neuromuscular therapist, and things shifted. I decided not to practice. Treating six to eight patients a day on a plinth  just wasn’t for me (I have tremendous respect for those who do it). But the knowledge made me a better trainer. For the first time, I had to rethink my entire training philosophy and everything I knew about exercise. I never really noticed, how health and fitness are so often completely divorced from each other. There are so many exercises that simply shouldn’t  be in people’s training logs (unless it’s sports specific. 99.9% of us are NOT athletes. Exercise is healthy, sports rarely is). You see, when you become a therapist there are only two types of exercises:Either it is functional, or not. And a vast majority of movement patterns exercised in traditional gym training, are exercises that forces to work through unnatural movement patterns (most machines with the exception of cable machines) that have little to no carryover to sports and activities of daily living. 

There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy.

The industry has in fairness somewhat kicked itself into the 21st century. Pilates, Yoga and different forms of functional training modalities have main-streamed into our routines, so we are on the right path. Our priorities are shifting. We now get it that it is more important to live a pain free, healthy life, than adding and a couple of extra inches on those guns. But achieving real fitness and health success is all about – mind first, body second. And this is the cornerstone of all my teachings. Because 80 percent of success in anything, my friends, is psychology.

Another one of my big turning points was when I became a Vegan  athlete. But that is a story for another day…

When I’m not training , dangling from a cliff, teaching or glued in front of my laptop turning caffeine into computer code (I am also a  Web Designer) you will most likely find me reading about science, psychology and other nerdy subjects.


National Qualification in Personal Training, Health Studies, Neuromuscular Therapist, Diploma in Sports Massage, Sports Nutrition and Performance, Qualified Yoga Teacher – Vinyasa, Ashtanga (RYT), Pilates Teacher,  Boxercise/Kick Boxercise Instructor, Spin Instructor, Ballet Workout, Step Instructor, Freemotion Functional Training Instructor and Teacher Trainer, Whole-Body-Vibration Teacher Trainer, Hydrorider (aqua cycling) Teacher Trainer, Fitwall Trainer and Suspension Workout Trainer.

I have over 2000 hours of experience teaching group exercise and one-on-one.

My Yoga Journey


Yoga has been a long term affair in my life. It is not just a daily practice, but also a way of life. I was already Vegetarian a long time before Yoga entered my life, but it was Yoga and the contemplations of Yamas and Niyamas that turned me full on Vegan. Ahimsa, all the way the baby!

My personal practice includes various styles such as, Ashtanga, Vini, Yin and Forrest Yoga, but I personally teach mainly Vinyasa. We tend to attract, and keep, the students who want to practice yoga the way we do. For me it was the physical practice that attracted me to Yoga at first. With my background in sports, kinetics and anatomy, I teach a dynamic well-aligned, safe and well articulated Vinyasa “power” flow combined with intelligent sequencing and mindful movement. But don’t be fooled thinking this is only a physical practice, slowly but surely just as it did for me; shift happens.

But whatever type of activity I teach, the end goal remains the same – To help people achieve a better quality of life.

My Philosophy

I don’t believe in the one-size-fits-all methodology for anything in life and especially for training.  We have much more control over our physique and body type than is accredited to us. Are you just lifting weights, or are you aiming to achieve a specific physique? If you want to look like a runner, you have to train like a runner. If your aspirations are long lean muscles of a dancer, then you need to simulate the movement patterns of a dancer. If you want to get big, train, eat and live like a bodybuilder.  Body engineering is the key. The good news is, that clever programming can expediate the results dramatically so  thankfully, you won’t have to dance for 15 years before you look like a dancer.

My personal physical aspiration is to be a  well rounded athlete – strong, fast, agile and flexible. But most of all to remain healthy, strong and fit for everyday living. And that is where my main interest lies in when it comes to teaching and Personal Training. To help people achieve a better quality of life. To be able to walk, twist, turn, lift in everyday life situations, pain free and as effortlessly as possible. We are given only one body – and modern living has strayed us away from its proper usage. We don’t need to learn, we simply need to unlearn.

If you want to look like a runner, you have to train like a runner. If your aspirations are long lean muscles of a dancer, then you simulate the movement patterns of a dancer. If you want to get big, train, eat and live like a bodybuilder.  Body engineering is the key.

I always ask  my clients what kind of physique they are hoping to achieve with their training. Of course the person’s metabolic type and morphology has to be taken into account. But if you want a specific look or a specific athletic ability whether is be speed, flexibility or power – you are going to need a functional program towards that specific goal.

Genes are blueprints, not outcomes. What truly shapes us is our environment, our habits and what we believe of ourselves.