Chris Feld

Hi, I am Chris Feld!

I am a Personal Trainer, Yoga  & Pilates Teacher, Functional Training Specialist, Vegan Athlete, Trekker and Climber. Check out my Calendar and join me for a WORKOUT and follow my BLOG for the latest news and trends in the FITNESS, HEALTH and FOOD INDUSTRY



Come join me for a FREE Yoga class this weekend. To encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and find a new hobby for 2015 we are offering a number of various classes such as Pilates, Bellydancing, Tai”[more]”

Would you share your toothbrush or your towel with a complete stranger? How about hundreds of strangers? There are plenty of reasons for owning your own Yoga mat hygiene being the biggest one.

Can’t decide whether to try Yoga or Pilates? Try “Yogalates” instead! While yoga and Pilates have some similarities, fundamentally, they are worlds apart. The key to determining which workout you want lies in understanding their core elements and differences. Although”[more]”

Rhodiola Rosea is known as nature’s own anti-depressant. If you are looking for a something that will boost your energy, reduce stress, improve sexual function, improve concentration and help get become more focused, that is natural and has no side-effects”[more]”

Want to lose Fat? – HIIT to the Rescue! Have you ever tried running for 30 minutes to an hour, 3-5 times per week, for months, only to find that your fitness results plateau and you never get to the”[more]”