Chris Feld

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Body Sculpt is a dynamic whole body muscle conditioning class using barbells, kettlebells and bodyweight training. Exercises combining the upper and lower body will strengthen, tone, shape and condition your abs, legs, arms and everything in between – Be prepared to work all your muscles! Exercises will be modified to accommodate all fitness levels. [events_list scope=”future” limit=4 pagination=1 category=179]  

This amazing leg, hips, stomach shaping and calorie burning class blends techniques from dance with safe, low-impact moves and is specifically designed for the non-dancer. It’s like vertical Pilates. It will train the abdominals to act as a “corset” to tighten and flatten your belly, while strengthening the core. But unlike Pilates, the class is on your feet and moving and feels like a fitness class. Be prepared for a lot of leg work and sweat! With easy-to-follow, dynamic moves, BalletSculpt leaves you feeling like”[more]”

Take you Vinyasa to the next level! My Vinyasa style combines a series of flowing postures with rhythmic breathing for an intense body-mind workout with each movement accompanied by one breath. But it’s not all about vigorous flows. We often return to steady stillness enjoying specific power building poses for a slightly longer time and the incorporation of Yin Yoga in between flows ensures a dramatic evolution in your flexibility and joint mobility. In Vinyasa yoga, we flow between poses synchronizing”[more]”