Chris Feld

Power Vinyasa Flow Yoga in Dublin City Centre 7-week Course

Starts Monday 12th January @7.15pm

Chris Feld Yoga 2015

Chris Feld Yoga 2015

Happy New Year 2015 to all my students new and old. After a little break Yoga is now back on!

What is Power Vinyasa Flow Yoga?

In Vinyasa yoga, we flow between poses synchronizing movement with breath. When you inhale into one pose and exhale into the next one, your mind simply is unable to wander and your practice thus becomes a “moving meditation”. This is why a Vinyasa class leaves you feeling so calm but yet with an extra little spring in your step.

Dublin Holistic Centre

Dublin Holistic Centre

With over 15 years of trainer experience and as a functional training specialist, Chris teaches a dynamic well-aligned, safe and articulated vinyasa “power” flow class with a strong emphasis on breath that will help you build a strong, healthy and flexible body through intelligent sequencing and mindful movement.

If you aspire to ‘zenfullness’ through Yoga, but also want to leave with the feel of an amazing workout and don’t mind breaking sweat, you will most definitely enjoy this class.

This 7-week course will help build you a strong foundation and will give you the confidence to continue your practice wherever your yoga mat takes you to.

Level Suits all levels (If you suffer from any injury or a condition that makes you uncertain if Power Vinyasa is suitable for you please feel free to contact me)

Place are limited to book now! All levels Welcome.

(Please note the course is €70 but there is a  €3 transaction charge added to all online bookings) 



I also have a lot of classes starting this January. The following classes are drop-in based some of them can be purchased as a course giving you a great discount.

Drop-in Classes 2015

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Chris Feld

I am a Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher, Functional Training Specialist, Vegan Athlete, Trekker and Climber with an enthusiasm for all things digital.