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Would you share your toothbrush or your towel with a complete stranger? How about hundreds of strangers? There are plenty of reasons for owning your own Yoga mat hygiene being the biggest one.

Can’t decide whether to try Yoga or Pilates? Try “Yogalates” instead! While yoga and Pilates have some similarities, fundamentally, they are worlds apart. The key to determining which workout you want lies in understanding their core elements and differences. Although both practices are referred to body-mind practices, one is more so than the other. Yoga is a holistic practice with physical benefits. Pilates is a fitness practice with holistic benefits. As both a Yoga and Pilates teacher I get asked on”[more]”

Rhodiola Rosea is known as nature’s own anti-depressant. If you are looking for a something that will boost your energy, reduce stress, improve sexual function, improve concentration and help get become more focused, that is natural and has no side-effects – You just found it.

Want to lose Fat? – HIIT to the Rescue! Have you ever tried running for 30 minutes to an hour, 3-5 times per week, for months, only to find that your fitness results plateau and you never get to the level you want? The vast majority of people run because they want to look better, but don’t end up looking better from it at all. In fact, many people begin to develop larger appetites and slip into the “I ran”[more]”

Eating healthy is a great thing to be doing. We all know this. Whether we’re tight on cash, lazy to cook (we all have those nights – nothing to be ashamed of), or just can’t find the time – this list is for you. It’s not the cheapest, but it should be in our diets on a regular basis. Let’s face it, if we’re strapped for cash (and who isn’t these days), healthy food can break the bank. Most of”[more]”

When you go barefoot, your movements become the movements of a child-playful and sensitive, yet purposeful and confident. You experience the unbound joy of stepping, hopping, and running across any surface on earth, simply to get from here to there. Now you can experience that same physical and visceral sensation in Vibram FiveFingers-the only footwear to offer the exhilarating joy of going barefoot with the protection and sure-footed grip of a Vibram® sole and is ideal for yoga and pilates”[more]”

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